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M.a.s.s. Legal offer a fixed fee mediation service which is a flexible and confidential process used to settle disputes between two or more people, businesses and or organisations. We are independent and an impartial third party facilitating a mutually agreed solution between the parties for a win – win solution.


M.a.s.s. Legal offer a fixed fee advocacy service in presenting the case of our clients in court. We proffer  compelling arguments in court and navigate legal kerfuffles by representing the interests of our clients through a deep understanding of legal principles and procedures.

Debt Recovery

M.a.s.s Legal offer a fixed fee debt recovery service where required; we can pursue court proceedings for you to recover a debt. This will involve submitting a claim to the relevant court, setting out who owes the debt and how much it is worth. We can also add any interest owed on the debt and if successful in court we can also apply for a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against the debtor and apply for various enforcement actions to enable recovery of the debt.

About us

M.a.s.s Legal Services was established in 2023 and our focused approach gives us the edge and enables us to concentrate all of our resources into our core service areas. We adopt a one-team ethos across all our service areas, with trusted advice given by our recognised experts in their specialist areas. We pride ourselves on building longstanding relationships with our clients and bringing commercial know-how and lateral thinking to each case.


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